About Us

Pushaq opened its doors in 2009 as a family owned tour operator that combined the best of Ecuador. Throughout the years, we have delivered fun-filled experiences to many world travelers.


Our clients know that traveling to unfamiliar destinations must be done with a responsible and knowledgeable attention from a specialist. In the same way, we know that our expeditions  are unique lifetime experiences that can only be delivered with in-depth knowledge and surprising  destinations and offers. In order achieve our goals, we actively listen to our guests' desires and expectations. We don’t listen to sell, we listen to understand and discover the best way to tailor expeditions that are based on your personal expectations. Pushaq’s team of caring experts ensures that our clients travel at ease knowing that their time is well invested.

Our aim is to secure our guests satisfaction and to offer the best services available for a fair price. We cherish our client’s loyalty and honor our guest’s interest first, this principle has proven to be strategic for our company’s success.


"Pushaq organized an excelent journey including visits to the highlights of Argentina, Chile, and Brazil. Every excursion matched our desires. Beautiful memories of all these amazing places and facilities will remain with us for years to come.


Planning the trip with Pushaq was fun, and the experiences we lived during these three weeks of travel surpassed our expectations.


Thanks to Caroline and Jose for advising and organizing a very longed adventure in South America!"

Maria Isabel and Monica

Ecuador and Switzerland

"Pushaq is a great DMC. I traveled to Ecuador in 2009 and before the trip I got amazing information about the locations we wanted to see. When I arrived, every detail of our 3 weeks trip was organized which helped me a lot because I do not speak Spanish.


Caroline led the entire trip! From planning our itinerary to being knowledgeable about each site we visited, she did it all!

I found Pushaq staff knowledgeable, helpful and honest. I highly recommend Pushaq to anyone who is interested in traveling to this beautiful country that loves life"



Washington DC - United States of America

"Thank you for everything you have done for us over the past 10 days, it has been so useful, but also wonderful to travel with you and get to know you."

Ben & Sarah

Suffolk - United Kingdom

"Our grand tour of Ecuador was truly unforgettable and so amazingly diverse! We enjoyed it all the more knowing that Caroline and Jose had taken care of every single detail and had borne in mind all our considerations and requests.

No stone was left unturned as far as they were concerned. They have so much knowledge and experience of their country, the Galapagos Islands and the neighboring lands that their

recommendations are priceless! And we won’t tell you about all the little surprises on the way.. You have to experience them for yourself!"

Caroline and Patrick

Strasbourg - France

" You all have been so wonderfull, thank you!"

" Truly enjoyed the tours - you both were informative and did a great job!"


" I appreciate when the staff educates us on local customs and history.

The food was very good!"

CIEE Staff

United States

Maya and I, will always have good memories about how you and José took care of us, while in Guayaquil. Our trip to the Galapagos and later on to Quito were fantastic. So much to discover in Ecuador.

While in and around Quito, we stayed at the bottom of the Cotopaxi in a beautiful hacienda, while it was spitting clouds and ash. We took a bit of risk, but it was definitely worth it.


Alain and Maya Tohme 

Beirut - Lebanon



"We had a wonderful time and enjoyed every part of it. Also the guides were very competent and we had fun to practice our Spanish... "


Madeleine and David

Zurich - Switzerland 


"We enjoyed the trip in Galapagos. We met a lot of nice people. Thanks again for putting the trip together. We really enjoyed it.

Dondi and Karla

Minnesota - United States of America

"Gracias por organizar nuestro viaje a Galapagos, la pasamos super! Fueron momentos inolvidables, 100% recomendados. Nos vemos pronto!"

Andrea and Eduardo 

Miami - United States of America

"Seeing Ecuador with Pushaq will give you the opportunity not to just see the beautiful sites and nature, but to discover the magic of Ecuador. Pushaq has an enchanting way to show Ecuador. Enjoy your adventure!"



Dubai - United Arab Emirates 

" Estos cuatro días fueron espectaculares, el tren, el mercado y las historias. Gracias por toda la planificación y organización, contamos con ustedes para nuestro siguiente viaje!"

Michelle y Amada

Quito - Ecuador 

" I was very impressed by all of the staff, but specialy by Jose, his advise and recommendations really helped us enjoy the experience. His guided tours and personal recommendations were on spot and perfect. Thank you to everyone but specially to Jose!"

"Amazing time, thank you! Muchas gracias!"

Council for International Education Guests

United States.